20/20 AFRICA

Optinova Eyecare’s core mandate is to give people the opportunity to have perfect vision regardless of their eye condition.
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Optinova Eyecare’s core mandate is to give people the opportunity to have perfect vision regardless of their eye condition. It is with this mandate that Optinova Eyecare’s corporate social responsibility arm be entitled 20/20 Africa : 20/20 representing the optical expression of visual acuity that we want people from all walks of life to achieve and Africa to represent our vision to make visual acuity for all Africans.


To be Africa’s leading and most trusted eyecare brand impacting individuals and communities to live brighter lives by 2025.


Our stakeholders are divided into three segments: people, businesses and the environment.
Our valuable stakeholders comprise elderly men and women between the ages 45 – 99. In addition to this, we also prioritize men, women and children from marginalized communities and disadvantaged backgrounds who either cannot afford or access medical services.
We pride ourselves with working with reputable suppliers to ensure all of our equipment, tools and resources meet global standards of excellence.
Sustainable development is non negotiable for us. All of our products are manufactured and sourced ethically with systems in place to ensure that our environment and its resources are not depleted or misused.


Cataract Free Africa

Cataract Free Africa ®

Cataract Free Africa ® is the first initiative that we are extremely passionate about. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 39 million people worldwide are blind and cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness in low and middle incomes countries. Senile cataract is a non-preventable disease of aging, having its biggest impact in the over-60 age group. As Cataract Free Africa ® , we have made it our priority to ensure that Africa is cataract free. Our elderly play an integral role in society and removing cataracts is our way of giving back to members of our communities who have contributed both selflessly and immeasurably to many. Over the last xx years, we have performed 15,000 successful >cataract removal procedures across Zimbabwe for men and women between the ages of 60 – 90. With the undeniable success of our model in Zimbabwe, we will be scaling our work and efforts to ensure the continent is cataract free by 2030 with the support of strategic partners in each zone and region.



Friends with Albinism

Launched in October 2017 by Zimplats, the Friends with Albinism Campaign’s objective is to demystify albinism and raise awareness and protect those who are living with albinism against discrimination and abuse in society. As part of our corporate social responsibility drive, we have donated over 200 branded sunglasses to men, women and children suffering from albinism at different roadshows and events around Zimbabwe with Zimplats. We pledge our support for this great initiative and believe that our donations and eye-tests will go a long way to assisting the unique needs of people suffering with albinism in Zimbabwe.